Writings on life while I go grey at the borders

Hello there

Living in Mid-Wales, I’m a 50+ working-class writer, gardener, mum, granny and feminist sock knitter supreme. I’m a 2021 A Writing Chance award winner and lover of all things bookish.

I’m full of opinions on everything so make sure you check the blog archives for all my musings -from growing Tomatoes in Lockdown to the terror of Walking my daughter home.

My name’s Maya. Grab a cuppa, stay awhile, have a nosey around.

  • One stich at a time.
    Sewing Bee is back! Do you watch it?  Not just a program for sewers, it is one of those comfort programs you can watch nestled up on the sofa with a cuppa and a biscuit. I sew. I’ve sewn for years. When ill health trapped me at home on the sofa I needed something to…
  • Walking with grief.
    Warning: This post is about grief and child-loss. It is the anniversary of my lads’ death, the scent of May blossom lingering in the air. I lost two of my children, within five years of each other – one age16 and the other 24. They were both adopted, which doesn’t make any difference, though a…
  • Dysgu Cymraeg – Learning Welsh
    Bore da! Sut wyt ti? I have been learning Welsh. I’d wanted to for years, I live in Wales, after all. With courses moved to Zoom over lockdown and the course being half price – I could never afford the original £90,  I am now dysgu Cymraeg. Learning a new language is challenging for everyone…
  • In the dead of the night dark deeds are planned.
    3.48 am. I am incandescent with rage. No that’s not right. I’m too tired for incandescent, more a dark glowing ember, burning slowly, threatening to set fire to the bedsheets. What is going on, I hear you ask?  Are you ok?   Well, no! I’m not ok! My husband, the gentle, chilled out man who…
  • World Book night.
    World book night is here! Whatcha reading? There are loads of really fabulous books on the book list, from some fantastic authors. But, as ever I am freestyling and so tonight, when I curl up under a throw with a cuppa and maybe something sweet to nibble on – I’ve said it once I will…
  • Wordless Wednesday
    No words- just a photo I’ve taken that speaks of my week
  • Lost in books
    I am looking for a book, I wonder if you can help? It was my favourite read as a kid, repeatedly borrowed from the library, and read cover to cover. I’ve been searching for this book for years. On the cover was a black cat, possibly a girl, by some water with a dark Victorian…
  • Wordless Wednesday
    Wordless Wednesdays
  • The one where we get the lurgy.
    I came home from London with covid.  It has not been the one where people say it was just like a bad cold and didn’t stop them doing much – a weird combination of bragging about the strength of their immune system, combined with a tinge of disbelief that it could really be that bad.…
  • Every day is a chance to celebrate.
    Today is National Caramel Day. – I don’t know where? Everywhere, I guess? Are you prepared? Do you have a box of caramels, robed in chocolate, soft and sticky enough to rip a filling out? Are you planning on making caramel sauce for your lunch? Salted Caramel ice cream for your tea? A sneaky Curly…
  • The coming of the light
    I am writing this at 7.30 on Sunday night and it is still light. In the garden I can hear a chorus of blackbirds serenading the setting sun. On the distant hills a kite calls, underpinned by the thud, thud, thud of some distant party beat. The clocks have sprung forward. Spring has returned. Oh…
  • Saving the day, one pudding at a time
    I’ve been thinking about school dinners today. I think we’re divided into those who loved school dinners and those who did not. I loved my school dinners. A hungry child, I loved the smell of cooking wafting up the hallways after break. The scent of puddings baking, dinners roasting, was almost too much to bear…
  • Sowing the seeds of love
    Seed sowing and tomato obsessions.
  • International Women’s Day
    Why I celebrate international women’s day. I’ve always celebrated International women’s day – today 8th March. I worked in a women’s refuge in my late teens, and it taught me the solidarity of women and the difficulties many of us face. International women’s day has always been a time to celebrate, always been a time…
  • Becoming an astronaut.
    I once said to Michael Sheen – you don’t get to say that very often, do you? I once said to Michael Sheen that saying you wanted to be a writer when I was growing up was like saying you wanted to be an astronaut. For a girl, growing up in the relentless poverty of…
  • Watching the news
    I am writing this in bed today, not well enough to get up and like everyone else I am watching the news showing the horror of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. My heart breaks for the people of Ukraine, who are now living through a reality many of us can’t imagine. Last weekend, they were…
  • Oooh this is me!
    Remember me going on about winning A Writing Chance Award with New Writing North and the very lovely Michael Sheen ? No? Well you cant have been listening! Back in the summer I won a place on a writing program for underrepresented writers and this weekend we are all heading off to the BBC in…
  • Art for art’s sake?
    Do you write? Are you a writer? Obviously, I do because I never stop bloody going on about it. It’s a weird thing writing, a weird passion. And that’s what it is for most of us – a passion, an obsession. Not an anguished struggle – well it’s that’s as well. It’s certainly not something…
  • An escalation of hostilities
    There is a silent but deadly war occurring in my garden.  Provisions have been procured, barricades have been built and blockades are at the ready. What is this new global terror I hear you ask? What is the unending conflict?  I am at war with the neighbourhood cats. I should point out here that I…
  • What I didn’t know.
    Talking and not talking about menopause

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