Writings on life while I go grey at the borders.

Hello there

Living in Mid-Wales, I’m a 50+ working-class writer, gardener, mum, granny and feminist sock knitter supreme. I’m a 2021 A Writing Chance award winner and lover of all things bookish.

I’m full of opinions on everything so make sure you check the blog archives for all my musings -from growing Tomatoes in Lockdown to the terror of Walking my daughter home.

My name’s Maya. Grab a cuppa, stay awhile, have a nosey around.

  • Losing Sleep
    Insomnia strikes again. Waking at 3 am rather than my usual 4 am seems spiteful and futile. One can conceivably get up at 4 but 3 is just bloody ridiculous. I turn over and try to go back to sleep, my mind racing as I groggily scrunch up pillows and gently elbow my husband to…
  • Losing Myself
    I seem to be losing my marbles. Have you seen them? Do you know where they are? Answers on a whats-a-ma-call-it!
  • Losing the words
    As autumn ended I lost reading. My energies, turning like the seasons, faded. I needed a little more rest, took a little longer to do things, but this is normal for me and is often a time to disappear into books, a cup of tea and a few biscuits to keep me going. This year…
  • Come Along Pond!
    The dog died at the beginning of December. There was an accident. It was quite sudden. On the Monday she was fine. On the Thursday she died. I am heartbroken. Now over the initial shock of it all, I am left living without a dog. There is a silence in the house, no not a…
  • How soon is too soon?
    All the fuss is over. The tree is down, and the kids are back to school. I’ve cleaned the living room – seriously how does the house get so dirty? And how do you not really notice it until you start to clean and then all you can see is filth?  Sorry I digress. It…
  • Starting as we mean to go on.
    I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kinda woman. I used to be. I can still feel the distant call of the ‘I must lose 100LBs this year,’ but I silence it with another Ferro Roche. Some years I hear the distant thrum of ‘I should do more exercise,’ or the pull of ‘I’ll swim the…
  • Say Cheese
    Don’t be missing from your family Photo’s.
  • Christmas Telly
    Sharing my love of Christmas TV
  • Happy Holidays
    The fairy lights are on, there’s hot chocolate in my mug, a tin of roses on the sofa and Lebkuchen sitting daintily on a Christmas plate – with breakfast sorted it’s time to turn on a Christmas movie. Most of the year my early mornings take on a slightly different vibe, – walking the dog,…
  • A Christmas cake wish
    Something about this time of year lends itself to exclamations – or is that just me? It is time to make the Christmas cake!!!! Facebook memories tells me I’m behind the curve, – in 2018 apparently, I’d time to crystalise oranges and lemons to make homemade German Lebkuchen. To be fair they were magnificent Lebkuchen…
  • No Peeking!
    I treated myself to one of those beauty advents boxes. In true working-class fashion, I need to tell you that I had a voucher, and there was a deal, so it hardly cost a thing – why do we do that? If someone compliments my dress I have to tell them that I got it…
  • Bright Blessings
    Oh, my days, I am so excited! It’s begun! It started yesterday! Oh, I can’t tell you how excited I am! (I know that’s a lot of exclamation marks, but this is exciting!!!!!!!!!) I look forward to this every year. Planning as the summer ends, by now I have reached a fever pitch of giddiness.…
  • Earworm
    The one where I can’t write for the tunes in my head.
  • Unprepared.
    The one where I forget to write a blog.
  • Socktober!
    showing off sock knitting for Socktober
  • Slugs and snails
    It is time to put the garden to bed. The tomatoes are in. The kitchen drawers are full of them, glistening green with a banana sat on top, to ripen in the darkness. I’ll make more tomato sauce for the freezer, as soon as they are done. I used to make green tomato chutney, the…
  • Read all about it!
    I have stopped following the news. I feel guilty for this, embarrassed to tell you. Being an informed member of society is an essential part of democracy, particularly with the shitshow that is currently in power. How can we know what’s going on – the bigger picture, the world events, if we don’t follow the…
  • Lost and Found
    I don’t know when I lost my voice. Loud and brash in my twenties, I would stand my own with all comers. Was it a life running after kids that quietened me? Certainly, four kept me busy. Then my mother-in-law died and, leaving two adopted kids with profound multiple disabilities, her two joined ours to…
  • Ohhh a puppy!
    My friend just got a new puppy. She’s adorable, seriously bouncy, a bit nippy and struggling with bladder control – the puppy is cute too. There is nothing like bringing a new dog into your home, be it a puppy or a rescue. We’ve always had rescue dogs, adopting them when they were just hitting…
  • Undercover
    My bras have turned against me. All at once, as if they’d set a date, they have decided to pop their seams and send sharp spiky wires jabbing into the tenderest parts of my flesh. My draw is full of bras with escaping wires, ones I keep meaning to mend. The fix, sewing soft felt…

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