World book night is here!

Whatcha reading?

There are loads of really fabulous books on the book list, from some fantastic authors.

But, as ever I am freestyling and so tonight, when I curl up under a throw with a cuppa and maybe something sweet to nibble on – I’ve said it once I will say it again, what is it about reading that requires biscuits?

Tonight I will be finishing Penelope Lively’s 1970s children’s classic A Stich in Time .

Quiet 11 year Old Maria, holidaying in Eastborne with her parents has always struggled to keep the real world and her imagined world seperate. But discovering an embroiderd Sampler in the Victorian villa where she is staying, she is drawn into the life of the children who once lived there. She hears things that arent there, swings swinging, dogs barking and the line between the worlds slips away.

It’s slow by modern standards, with lots of description and clever asides but I am loving it. A comforting read, deceptively tense, with beautiful writing – ooh and fossils. I loved it as a kid.

I’ve also just started Menna Van Praag’s The Sisters Grimm which is intriguing – magical realism set in Cambridge and Everwhere with four young women rediscovering their magical powers. What’s not to love?

The last on my list of possibilites for tonight is Kate Charlesworth Sensible Footweat: A girls guide. A graphic guide to lesbian and queer history 1950 -2020.

I’ve not read much but what I’ve read is fabulous. Clever, witty, moving. Part memoir, part LGBTQIA+ History. Laugh out loud funny, personal, political and beautifully illustrated.

Sensible footwear: A girls guide – A graphic guide to lesbianand queer history.
Kate Charlesworth

So tell me, what will you be reading tonight?

And what biscuits have you got?

4 thoughts on “World Book night.

  1. Excitingly I’m going to theatre to see Sandi Totsvig this evening, so I won’t be reading anything.

    I’ve just finished The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields. Blew me away – such clever narrative voice. From birth to death of one woman, via the heads of her mother, father, lover.

    Two stories into a collection called Famished, by Anna Vaught – clever stories using food as their vehicle for a sideways look on the world.

    About to start The Girls are Pretty Crocodiles and other fairytales by Angela Readman, described as stories that ‘explore, challenge and ultimately transform the traditional fairytale narrative’.

    Am waiting for Jupiter Jones’ latest novella in flash Lovelace Flats to arrive (on pre-order) – as all of her stories are a treat 😁

    Happy reading! I’ll say hi to Sandi for you 😂

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    1. Oooh Lovelace flats is stunning, you will love it. I read The stone diaries years ago – stunning. I will look out the Angela Readman. Enjoy Sandi Totsvig – how exciting ❤️

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  2. Late to the party again
    Just about to finish another Barbara Erskine. Boring and predictable but I can’t put it down, why is that ?
    Will look at The Sisters Grimm as off on holibobs in a few weeks so need some good reading.

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    1. Always welcome at any party Vicky . I loved early Erskine but it seems to me that her later books are just the same story in different settings.
      That said there is something extremely comforting about rereading our favourite stories.


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